Joy Loves Cutter & Squidge

Joy Loves Cutter & Squidge

My independent jewellery boutique in Soho has been based on Newburgh Street for over 17 years now. During that time we've seen some very interesting and exciting new businesses move into the area, but I always get especially excited when another independent, family-run business establishes itself nearby!

My favourite new spot in Soho is Cutter & Squidge - a light and playful cafe, most-known for their beautifully decorated sweet treats, which have all been dreamt up and created in their own bakery. 

Since Cutter & Squidge appeared as a pop-up shop in Soho last year, all the girls working at Joy Everley Fine Jewellers have been absolutely addicted to their delicious 'Biskie' (cake-cookie-biscuit) creations.

Tonia (Our shop manager) and her birthday love-heart biskie! 

The appearance of these beautifully decorated, gold-foiled and pastel coloured treats during our tea breaks at the shop have added that extra little sparkle to the day.


A colourful tea break at Joy Everley Fine Jewellers!

But who are they? Cutter & Squidge are two very talented food obsessed sisters who grew up in North West London. They love to bake and experiment with flavours... which is great because we love to try them! I wanted to hear more about this fantastic creative duo so I popped over to their cafe on Brewer Street to chat about cake, treats and running an independent business in Soho. 

I love this cute Mothers Day Biskie! Can you spot our Vermeil Pineapple Charm, Enamel Strawberry Charm and Vermeil Monkey Charm?

An Interview with Cutter & Squidge

Have you always been interested in baking? 

Both Emily and I loved baking and our parents ran restaurants when we were children so food has always been our world. We started C&S as we wanted to create baked goods that were 100% natural, unique and actually had flavour to them.

You dreamt up the ‘biskie’, a wonderful biscuit/cake/cookie treat! How did the creation of the biskie come about? 

Annabel loves biscuits and cookies and Emily loves cake, and whilst discussing our ultimate dessert we came up with a creation that was both chewy and soft like a cake with texture and moistness. After ten months of product development the biskie was born!

Your cakes and biskies are so beautifully decorated. What guides your inspiration for cake flavours and decorations? 

We like to try to create new flavour combos, our signature is a matcha, white chocolate and raspberry, as well as recreate old favourites like bakewell tart or apple pie. We take inspiration from all over the world and our heritage.

After running a pop-up shop for a while you decided to make the permanent move to Soho, setting up your newly opened cafe and shop on Brewer Street. Why did you choose Soho? 

We love the neighbourly feel and welcome, but also the food scene is well!

Cutter & Squidge are an independent, family-run business. What does independence and community in London mean to you?  

Its huge, family run businesses are part of London's character, getting to know the story, we have the oldest Italian deli next to us in Soho.

Are you planning to make a special Mothers Day biskie? 

Yes we have a whole mother's day range including a "best mummy" biskie box.

What have been your highest and lowest points in your journey so far? 

Opening our first permanent shop and the lowest is our first day of production when we used a new kitchen and it didn't turn out how we had expected it to, until that is we sold out in 2 hours!

You both grew up in London. What do you love most about this city?  

The diversity and the food!

To share the love, we're giving away a Mothers Day themed Biskie Box! Find out how to win this delicious box of treats here.
You can also see more treats and surprises from Cutter & Squidge on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 
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