An April Weekend in North Wales by Joy Everley

An April Weekend in North Wales by Joy Everley

Last weekend I took a break from working in my Soho jewellery shop to visit North Wales where I have a small retreat. I usually like to get away to the cottage around April to meet the new lambs and experience the first signs of spring. Here are a few of favourite moments from my visit to North Wales.. 

The little lambs are so cute and bouncy and fortunately I don't have to worry about them too much as they belong to a local farmer, Emyr who grazes his sheep on our field. 
(Spring Lambs)

There is often rain, but rarely frost in our valley so anything left outside soon becomes decorated with beautiful green mosses. This cast iron doormat welcomes me home.
(Moss Doormat)

On Saturday we experienced four seasons in one day! We woke to falling snowflakes and low temperatures, but the sun came through and I enjoyed a short ramble up and down the fields. I was back indoors just in time to escape a hailstorm, and by sunset the rain clouds threatened and the wind was building up.
(Signs of Spring and the Rivals in the Distance)

On a south facing slope and hidden among the gorse I was lucky enough to come across these shy violets. 
(Wild Violets)

For awhile it was pleasant to sit in the sun on the roots of this giant oak. No visible buds yet, but a bright blue sky above.
(Winter Oak)

As the winds rose and the rain lashed against the windows we settled in front of the wood stove for a cosy evening, grateful for a well stocked log basket and time to work on some jewellery designs. The house refurbishment is a long way from completion, but it's warm and dry and junk shop candlesticks create the perfect atmosphere.
(The Wood Stove and Candlesticks)
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