11 Delicious Pieces of Jewellery for Food Lovers

11 Delicious Pieces of Jewellery for Food Lovers

To celebrate Carnaby Street Eat 2017 on Saturday 3 June – and because, well, we're always hungry – we've compiled a list of Joy Everley's most delicious food-related jewellery. Simply a feast for the eyes!


1. This cute Cupcake charm/pendant is the perfect treat if teatime is your favourite time of the day.


2. This Snow White-style magic golden Apple necklace is the perfect end of the school year gift for a teacher.


3. These gold vermeil and silver hot Chilli Peppers, for the spicy lover in your life.


4. A refreshing enamel Fruit Smoothie for the British summer days.


5. The two-tone vermeil and silver Pineapple you need in your life.


6. When life gives you Avocados, make a necklace! 


7. This tasty little Strawberry is a great gift for a niece, god-daughter or an all-season fruit-picker.


8. This tiny silver Teapot and the even cuter Tea Cup and Saucer charms because you too can be as fancy as a Queen.


9. Don't like tea? We've got it covered! With this miniature Cafetiere, you can now show your love of coffee to the world.


10. Our juicy Cherry earrings are great for a pop of colour.


11. It's baby season? Don't show up empty-handed at the next baby shower: impress your friends with this little silver-shelled and gold vermeil Peanut Necklace.


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