Joy Everley X The British Beekeepers Association (Archived)

Joy Everley X The British Beekeepers Association (Archived)

Note: This is an archived Blog post 18/05/2016 and may not reflect current events. Please ask us if you have any questions!
Our lifelike golden bee necklace is one of Joy's favourite go-to accessories. She can often be seen wearing her bee necklace on a long chain layered with other necklaces of different lengths. Joy's customers and loyal fans also share her enthusiasm for her unusual bee design.

Joy (Left) and Yasmin (Right). Joy is wearing her two favourite necklaces, the Vermeil Pineapple Necklace and the Vermeil Bee Necklace

When chatting to our customers in Joy's shop near Carnaby Street, we're often told heart warming stories about the significance of our Bee to the individual wearing it.  One lovely individual once told us that every woman in her family wears our beautiful bee necklace as a coming-of-age present as part of their family tradition. While others like to give our beautiful Bee Necklace or Bee Bracelet to their loved ones, as a fun way to say 'you're my queen bee'. 

Joy took this photo of the Vermeil Bee Necklace at her home. 

 Each Bee from Joy Everley's Bee Collection is captured in the naturalistic shape of  it's body slightly curled as if it's just coming to land on a flower. But bees do not just make beautiful ornaments and accessories; they play a very important role in our environment. One in every three mouthfuls of food we eat is dependant on pollination. Honeybees in Britain face many obstacles, including hives being attacked and infested by the Varroa Destructor Mite, Small Hive Beetle and Asian Hornet.

Our beautiful bees are buzzing around this delicious honeycomb. 

To support the plight of the honeybee, Joy Everley has teamed up with The British Beekeepers Association to donate 10% of the total item cost from each piece of jewellery in the Bee Collection to the Friends of The Honey Bee campaign. Funds raised will go to further scientific research into honey bees and to advance the education of the public in the importance of bees in the environment, supporting bees and beekeepers. BBKA are a registered charity, no. 212025.

Hoverflies are also important pollinators of flowering plants and for each Hoverfly sold, Yasmin Everley will also donate 10% of the total item cost to BBKA in support of the Friends of The Honey Bee Campaign. 
Yasmin Everley's Gilded Hoverfly Ring, £145. 

We're looking forward to a Summer filled with bee friendly facts, bee themed colouring in competitions and retro 60's bee inspired artwork by British artist Illustrator Eye (@IllustratorEye on Instagram).  Make sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook this Summer and stay in-the-know about all things bee related! 

(Shhhhhhh for your eyes only.... Joy has a new bee design in-the-making! Watch this space)


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