Evangeline Lilly wears our Acorn & Oak Leaf Necklace in Ant-Man

Evangeline Lilly wears our Acorn & Oak Leaf Necklace in Ant-Man

Have you ever been watching a film and seen someone wearing exactly the thing you were looking for?

Well we think a lot of people will be getting that feeling when they see the stunning Evangeline Lilly showing off our very own Vermeil Acorn & Dark Oak Leaf Necklace. It has been over a year since we were in contact with renowned costume designer Sammy Sheldon Differ and were sworn to secrecy about the up-coming film so we were thrilled to see one of our favourite designs so prominently displayed.

Monday night saw JE heading down to the preview of Ant-Man in Trafalgar Square. Now we can’t say we have the best comic book credentials (is Tony Stark the brother of Arya Stark?) but we all loved Paul Rudd as Josh in Clueless and Phoebe’s boyfriend in Friends. There was a large crowd gathered expectantly in the square under towering Ant-Man banners with an eclectic mix of fans. 

Once everyone had settled with super-sized portions of crunchy snacks we were treated to an opening talk by Paul Rudd and director Payton Reed who both seemed proud and excited to launch the film as they joked about sneaking through the audience during the screening and shaking people’s chairs to give them an experience in ‘4D’!




Within a few minutes of the opening credits it was clear that this was part of the new breed of superhero movies which contain a smattering of tongue-in-cheek humour and awareness of the slightly kitsch nature of the genre (we miss Eartha Kitt as Catwoman) and moves away from the angsty heroes (Spiderman, Hulk) of the last decade. 

Of course we were impatient for the arrival of Evangeline Lilly whose kick-ass character Hope van Dyne is given a slightly more complex set of emotions than your average action film heroine, as she confronts the emotional and physical conflicts coming at her from every direction. Hope also seems to be a big fan of her Vermeil Acorn and Dark Oak Leaf Necklace! As she gets dressed each morning, this jewellery seems to be her go-to choice. The only scene where the necklace is left behind is when Hope is in her training gear (which is very sensible as we do not advise people to wear jewellery whilst exercising - a poorly aimed punch from Scott Lang could result in the chain being snapped).

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