A Christmas Gift Guide to Buying for Him

A Christmas Gift Guide to Buying for Him

Over the years Joy Everley has become an expert at choosing gifts. Having paid special attention to the jewellery pieces that are most loved by men, Joy has compiled a gift guide to to help you buy the perfect gift for him this Christmas. 

Joy says: " Get him something unusual, but suitable to wear everyday"

His Heavy Foxtail Bracelet. Our foxtail chain is handwoven with a polished finish and has just enough pliability to be comfortable every day.  We've added our tiniest vermeil heart which makes a discreet gesture of affection towards your partner.

Oxidised Roman Coin Necklace. A grungy coin-style necklace depicting the goddess Roma on one side, Romulus and Remus on the other. This design is based on a casting made from an original Roman coin, making an interesting an unusual christmas gift. We recommend ordering the 20 inch length chain for men. 

Joy says: " Make him feel special. Go for something that's both smart and precious."

Gold Signet Ring. This cushion set signet ring features tapered shoulder and a smooth polished finish which makes a smart statement, especially when worn with a fitted suit.  

Ray O Tie Bar.  This tie bar has been inspired by the Latin alphabet and combined with Jazz Age motifs to create a subtle yet eye-catching flourish to any mans outfit. The design alternates between smooth gold rays in a raised relief design and indented matt textured silver.

Joy says: " Is your best-friend a cuddly gorilla, or is he the kind of guy who loves photography? Get him something that reflects his personality and interests."

Camera Cufflinks. This pair of miniature, solid silver old fashioned cameras will smarten up a shirt with a bit of nostalgia. 

Gorilla Necklace A powerful and beautiful ape. This pendent captures his intelligence  as well as his muscular body as he knuckle-walks through the trees. Longer chains are available and recommended for men. 

Joy Says: "Perfect for everyday wear. Our Heavy Oval Cuff is luxuriously weighty, while the Inverted Black Diamond Necklace is understatedly chic. Both would make a great gift for a son" 

Heavy Oval Cuff.  This our popular classic open bangle comes in two sizes, for both men and women.  The smooth, solid silver has round tapered curves for maximum comfort. It has been hallmarked by the historic and ancient London Assay Office.

Inverted Black Diamond Necklace. Made from Solid Sterling Silver, this necklace features a tiny black diamond which converts at a point and is held in a rub over setting. The chain has been oxidised to create a darker and more masculine look. 
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