Aquamarine: The Birthstone for March

Aquamarine: The Birthstone for March

Each month of the year traditionally has a gemstone associated with it, this custom started in ancient times but the canonical version we know today was set down in 1912. For those lucky enough to be born in March your birthstone is Aquamarine!

(Above: rough aquamarine stones being selected in one of our London workshops)


Our top 7 facts about Aquamarines 

Fact One

The word aquamarine is derived from Latin and means 'sea water' because in the 19th century the preferred colour of an aquamarine was sea-green.


Above left: An example of a 'sea-green' aquamarine
  Above right: An example of a sky blue aquamarine      
Fact Two

Aquamarines are also a wedding anniversary stone representing the 19th year of marriage. 


Fact Three

Today the most valued aquamarine colours are sky-blue or dark blue. They are usually presented in a faceted brilliant cut or step cut, but they can also be found in a cabochon. 

Above: Tonia, our manager, shows various stones including a large emerald cut aquamarine. An emerald cut stone is a type of 'step cut'. 


Fact Four

Aquamarines were once believed to protect sailors and were worn as amulets on long voyages to ensure a safe passage. 


A painting of the USS Constitution 

Fact Five

Gem quality aquamarines are found in hexagonal crystals which can be up to one metre in length and flawless. 


Above: Raw aquamarine found in a hexagonal structure.
Fact Six

Faceted aquamarines are often exceptionally transparent with a glass-like lustre, which means they really sparkle!

Above: 'Dom Pedro' is the worlds largest faceted aquamarine. 

Fact Seven

 According to ancient myth, aquamarines originated from the treasure chests of mermaids.

'A Mermaid' by John Williams Waterhouse


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