Diamond: The Birthstone for April

Diamond: The Birthstone for April

Each month of the year is traditionally associated with a gemstone. This custom started in ancient times but the widely excepted version we know today was originally set down in 1912. For those born in April your gemstone is the most celebrated precious stone in the world - Diamond! 

Our top 7 facts about diamonds

Fact one

The word diamond is derived from the ancient Greek word adamas, meaning  unconquerable. This is the same word origin as Wolverines adamantinum claws! The meaning refers to its hardness, as there is nothing comparable in hardness to diamond. 

Fact Two 

The largest uncut gem quality diamond ever found was the Cullinan Diamond which was found in South Africa in 1905 weighing 3,106 carats in total. 

The Cullinan Diamond in uncut form, with replicas of the final cut stones to the left. 

Fact Three

The first ever recorded diamond engagement ring was given to Mary of Burgandy in 1477. Her ring consisted of many thin, flat grey diamonds set into a thick band of yellow gold in an M shape. 

 Fact Four

Diamonds were once thought to have been fallen stars! In reality diamonds are formed under great pressure caused by eruption in volcanic pipes deep underground. 

Fact Five

Diamonds exist in a pretty rainbow of colours, including Colourless, yellow brown, green, blue, reddish and black. Some very special diamonds exhibit fluorescence under UV light, usually emitting a soft coloured glow of green or blue.

The Aurora Pyramid of Hope at the Museum of Natural History - a display of 296 natural diamonds which display a wide range of colours and Fluorescence under UV light.


Fact Six

Some White Dwarf stars that exist in space contain a core made from diamond. The largest known diamond in the universe is approximately the size of the moon and weighs 2.27 thousand trillion tons. Stars really are diamonds! 

A diagram of 'Lucy', a White Dwarf Star with containing the largest known diamond in the universe. 

Fact Seven

Almost all of the crown jewels found in the Tower of London are relatively modern. The earlier crown jewels were seized and destroyed in 1649 during the abolition of the monarchy. The magnificence and history surrounding the diamonds and other natural gemstones featured within the older jewels remain much of a mystery.  

The Imperial State Crown. Image credit: The British Monarchy 

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