Gifts for Bridesmaids - Under £100

Gifts for Bridesmaids - Under £100

As the blossoming fruit trees begin unfurling their petals for spring, so too are our happy couples preparing to unfold a beautiful new life together as newlyweds. For us, spring is the time of the year for last minute wedding errands, when our shop is bustling with future brides-to-be looking for that perfect last minute bridesmaid gift. We're often asked for suggestions... 'What should I give my bridesmaids? It needs to be precious and unique, but it also needs to be affordable and I need something of equal worth for each of my bridesmaids.'

It can be tricky finding the perfect gift for your life-long friends. They have seen the best and worst of you, and now they're standing beside you on your wedding day. With over twenty years of experience, we'd like to share some of our favourite affordable gift ideas for bridesmaids, while also showing you how to tailor our jewellery to create something truly unique for them. 

Letter and Heart Bracelet


The Letter & Heart Bracelet 


Our Letter & Heart Bracelet at £64 is a pretty way of giving something of equal worth to all your bridesmaids, while also personalising it to match the first initial of their name. For something specifically unique to each person, add an additional charm to the bracelet, choosing from our individual Charms and Talismans, and allude to their favourite animal, their love of nature, or their adventurous temperament. The oak leaf or acorn charms are a beautiful addition to the Letter & Heart Bracelet, as they symbolise new beginnings and growth. 



The Compass Star and Ursa Major Necklace

The Small Compass Star Necklace at £39, the Ursa Major constellation necklace at £59, and Compass Star Earrings at £49 are a fitting gift for modern bridesmaid who loves minimal jewellery. The Compass Star design is based on the North Star drawings found in a traditional compass. As one of the brightest stars in the sky, the North Star has acted as a guiding star throughout history. The Ursa Major Necklace has a similar meaning, as the constellation is a navigational pointer towards the north star. This design would make a subtle, yet meaningful gift for a bridesmaid who has helped guide you through the important decisions in your life. 

    Silver Ursa Major Necklace  Silver Compass Star Earrings   Silver Small Compass Star Necklace

These designs can also be purchased directly from Yasmin Everley's website.

The Seahorses Friendship Necklace

Seahorses create strong bonds, and these two beautifully detailed Sterling Silver seahorse charms on a pretty Sterling Silver chain can symbolise friendship or a happy partnership. This nature inspired necklace would be a charming gift to for a bridesmaid, particularly if you share a love of marine wildlife! We many beautiful combinations of jewellery which feature the seahorse design. View our Seahorse jewellery

Seahorse friendship necklace

Gifts for an Art Deco or twenties themed wedding

For a set of jewellery to match your Art Deco twenties inspired wedding, Yasmin Everley's Typography collection makes a eye catching and tasteful bridesmaid accessory. In this series of pendants, rings and ear studs the Latin alphabet has been taken and combined it with Jazz Age motifs to create pieces that could be chosen as much for for the initials they represent as for the shape they form. A set of matching Love Necklace's on your trio of bridesmaids would look fabulous! Or give each bridesmaid a necklace, or set of earrings featuring the initial of their first name. 

Art Deco Letter NecklaceArt Deco Letter Earrings

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