Alternative Engagement Rings for Men

Alternative Engagement Rings for Men

For centuries Valentine's Day been one of the most romantic days of the year. Those lucky enough to have a Significant Other use this day to celebrate the one they love, while those single people out there use the opportunity to celebrate their friendships. Although we love to cherish unchanged traditions (I'll never put anything except butter on a toasted hot cross bun), there are those traditions which change for the better - destined to evolve into something even more beautiful.

The Little Book of Love

(Above: An image taken from The Little Book of Love - which was a 16th century Valentines Gift made by poet Pierre Salas and given to his loved one on Valentine's Day)

Our family-run jewellery shop in Soho has been helping couples in their search for engagement or wedding rings for almost 20 years, and one tradition we're delighted to see evolve is the popularity of men's engagement rings. Engagement rings have traditionally been presented by a man to a woman.... But why not just two people to each other?! The tradition of the 'betrothal' is something which continues to evolve and flourish as we see more people breaking the so called 'gender norms'. A proposal represents love, happiness and life-long commitment - these things which know no gender boundaries. 

Our Favourite Engagement Rings for Men 


The Compass Star Ring can be cast in solid gold, and set with any gemstone of your choice. Black diamonds (currently pictured) look stunning when contrasted with yellow gold, but blue sapphires and bright white diamonds would also make a beautiful alternative engagement ring. This design would make a meaningful engagement ring for men, as the design is based on the North Star found in a traditional compass - It's one way to tell your man that he's your guiding star! This ring will cost roughly £295 to be made in solid gold, not including stones. Get in touch for a more accurate quote in solid gold. 

Gold rough ring

The Gold Rough Ring takes on an organic form, resembling a nugget of gold fresh from the ground. Present this beautiful ring to your loved one for a minimal style men's engagement ring, or choose to set it with a diamond and keep inline with the traditional interpretation of 'the engagement ring'. A discreetly placed tiny diamond on the inside of this ring would look lovely, especially if paired with a hand engraved message.  The Gold Rough Ring is also available in our shop in 9ct white gold.  

Diamond Pebble Ring


 Perhaps you like the idea of designing matching engagement rings together? The Diamond Pebble Ring is a wonderful 'keepsake' engagement ring at £125. Propose with this ring as a gesture, and design a pair of matching engagement rings together later. 



The Hexagonal Signet Ring in White Gold or Yellow Gold can be set with a central sapphire, diamond, black diamond, emerald or..... anything! Visit our shop to view loose gemstones and handpick the perfect one. Make sure to call ahead to let us know what stones you'd like to view and we can make sure we have these in stock for your visit. It can take 6-8 weeks to cast this ring in solid gold and hand set it with a gemstone - so make sure you plan ahead!


 An engagement ring for nature lovers and those who prefer less chunky jewellery. This beautiful Custom Made White Gold Diamond & Twig Band is cast in 9ct white gold and is set with a trio of tiny sparkling diamonds (look closely). This is a unisex ring and would make a beautiful engagement ring for both men and women.  



All of our rings can be made to measure in white, rose or yellow gold. Keep it plain and simple, or arrange to view loose gemstones at our shop in Soho, London. All viewings and consultations are free of charge!

Get in touch to discuss your ideas, or visit us at our independent jewellery shop in Soho, London.

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