Behind the Scenes: Interview with Blogger Forever Yours Betty on Tropical Suburbia

Behind the Scenes: Interview with Blogger Forever Yours Betty on Tropical Suburbia

 An exclusive look at our latest photoshoot for the new collection: Tropical Suburbia.

Flamingos! Budgies! Smoothies and pineapples! Joy Everley's new collection is bright and colourful so it made perfect sense to collaborate with the bubbly blogger from Glasgow, Forever Yours Betty

While posing oh so glamorously for our photographer Cat, we asked Forever Yours Betty to share her impressions of her day with Joy Everley and found out what this tangerine haired style icon thought about Joy's new hand-painted enamel collection Tropical Suburbia

Can you tell me how was Forever Yours Betty born?

Betty originally started life as a vintage shop while I was going through uni. Once I graduated, I didn’t have time to keep selling but wanted to keep on the blog as a way to express myself.

Why the colour tangerine?

I’d say it found me! I have always been a huge fan of ginger hair, but my personality tends to always go to the extreme. Now wherever I turn, I’ll see something orange!

Where do you get inspiration for your looks?

I get inspiration from everywhere, but mostly characters and themes. From films to situations, songs to cartoons, I dress to suit my mood and what makes me happy - with colour!

How did you hear about Joy Everley?

Yasmin got in touch with me about working together and I just fell in love with all the styles.

Seeing you wearing this jewellery makes complete sense with your style. Why do you think this collaboration on Tropical Suburbia works so well with your persona?

My style is very personal to me. I give nods to trends rather than follow them, which I feel is the same for Joy Everley.

What do you like about the collection?

I love the versatility of the pieces, the fact that they are fun and playful but can be worn by anyone to anything!

Which are your favourite pieces?

Oh it has to be the entire budgie collection, it’s amazing!

 Was it your first shoot?

Yes it was my first shoot completely solo. I shoot a lot with other bloggers for various brands but nothing on my own.

Can you tell me a little bit of your impressions of the shoot? 

We first met for coffee before heading back to the studio to go through the clothes. I then went to hair and makeup where we chose a look I was comfortable with, but would also go with the collection. We then went for lunch and started shooting, first with blue and pink tones before switching to the bright yellow backdrop. 

What's your favourite memory of the day?

I loved the all girl team and talking everything from feminism to food! It was such a fun day. They made me feel great. Joy and Yasmin are so inspiring and I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

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