Chains for Men: A 2020 Perspective

Chains for Men: A 2020 Perspective

Why do they look so good? Where can we get our hands on one? And how has the show Normal People influenced our love for Men's Chains in 2020. 

The popular BBC drama, Normal People, has been a great success since it first aired on April 26. The actor Paul Mescal, who portrayed Connell Waldron in the series, was able to win over the hearts of many throughout the 12-part show. However, Mescal’s talent wasn’t the only thing that stood out in Normal People. The character, Connell, frequently wears a silver chain, and fans of the show have gone wild for this simple look!

In fact, the chain has been so well received by the audience that an Instagram account was created dedicated to the jewellery (@conellschain), and currently has 184K followers.
The chain was included in the drama to coincide with the character’s description in Sally Rooney’s 2018 novel, which the TV show is adapted from. In the book the chain was described as ‘Argos chic’ but that hasn't stopped all of us from falling in love with the look.

paul mescal normal people chain

The chain seemed to mean a lot to Mescal too, as the Irish actor gifted the chain to his co-star from the show, Daisy Edgar-Jones. Fans also took to Twitter to show their appreciation for the chain, one saying, 

"Today I'm grateful for the tender, gentle love making scenes in #normalpeople, the character of Connell Waldron and the thin silver chain around his neck. Thank you, God", 

and another stating,

"Just ordered my husband a chain. Is he Connell yet?
#NormalPeople #ConnellsChain"

So why do we all love this look so much?!


This look is so effective, as a strong chain can really highlight and bring attention to the shape and length of the neck. The is seen as an intimate area as it can show one’s vulnerability, as allowing someone into this area requires a high level of trust.


Connell chain curb normal people


This chain also creates a ‘bad boy’ look which can be quite appealing to both sexes and suits all genders.
History of the Men's Chain


The classic chain first came to light in the 90s with stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Heath Ledger sporting a chain. DiCaprio wore this iconic look in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet when he played the handsome yet fearless romantic lead, Romeo. Ledger also rocks this style in the teen chick flick 10 Things I Hate About You - further enhancing his character’s 'rebel' look.


Heath Ledger Chain 10 Things Movie


However, the first true 'Men’s necklaces' were produced by the Celts who ruled Ireland. They were all master craftsmen of metal and the look started to become quite popular amongst them. After this, the Celts started producing these necklaces from silver and gold, to be worn by the wealthy and to show stature and power.


Where can I get one?


We have three simple chains at Joy Everley Fine Jewellers, one of which is a perfect replica of the chain Mescal wears in Normal People (Click Here). These chains can elevate any look and create that sense of rebellion you may need in your life.

Don't be fooled - these chains are not just for Men - chains are innately gender-neural and can always be layered with other necklaces too! Anyone can wear these necklaces, both casually and for a sophisticated, refined look.



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