Meghan Markle’s engagement ring and what it means for the future of sustainable shopping

Meghan Markle’s engagement ring and what it means for the future of sustainable shopping

 We are really excited about the royal wedding on Saturday and one thing that has attracted our interest and grown our love for Meghan and Harry is their attitude on sustainability that is already setting a new benchmark in the world. Although they have not said their ‘I do’s’ yet we can already see how they have started on the sustainability path with the royal engagement ring.
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The Sustainable Engagement Ring
Meghan’s engagement ring was designed by Prince Harry himself. The centre stone was sourced from Botswana in Africa where they have spent a lot of time together. On either side of the centre stone, he has used diamonds from Diana’s jewellery collection “to make sure that she’s with us on this crazy journey together”. The recycled diamonds from Diana’s jewellery collection mean that no additional mining was done to produce such a beautiful ring.
The Wedding Band
Meghan is expected to follow royal tradition by commissioning her wedding ring to be made from the last rare gold sourced from the now depleted mine in North Wales. Meghan’s ring will be made from the same nugget found in the mine as; 
Diana, Princess of Wales 1981
The Princess Royal in 1973
Princess Margaret 1960
Queen Elizabeth II in 1947
Queen Elizabeth II wedding band and engagement ring
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Meghan’s take on sustainable shopping
Meghan's efforts to promote a sustainable and ethical lifestyle with conscious clothing choices and her beautiful engagement ring have deservedly have earned her the title 'Green Princess’. 
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How Joy Everley promotes sustainable & ethical shopping
At Joy Everley, we are very aware of the impact on the environment caused by the jewellery industry. 
Our ‘Sustainable Engagement Rings’ are individually handmade from recycled gold and unique old cut diamonds.
We also stock a stunning collection of our own designs made from Fairtrade Gold and set with recycled precious stones

Nature Charity donations

 Our efforts are not only focused on gold & diamonds but on animal conservation too. Joy donates proceeds of certain collections (more info on the website) to the British Beekeepers Association and The British Hedgehog Society to help with awareness and preservation of these beautiful creatures.

The NEW Queen’s Engagement Ring Collection

Joy and Yasmin Everley have collaborated on a new engagement ring collection named after historic queens of England. Using Fairtrade Gold and Artctic Circle Diamonds, there are five very different rings in the collection, each taking design elements from the period in which the queen ruled. 
Queen Phillipa of Hainault
This unusual engagement ring has been set with three diamonds as a nod to Edward III status as the third King Edward of England and the yellow gold has been used as the bright gold colour was highly fashionable at the time. The trilogy setting of the piece is also inspired by popular jewellery trends of Philippa's period.
Interesting fact: She was the first Black Morarchs and contributed a lot to the english culture by introducing French artists to England.
Queen Eleanor of Castile
Queen Eleanor’s engagement ring has been designed with a milgrain edging to depict the decadent style of Eleanor's day. The claw setting around the central 0.52 carat Arctic Circle diamond is incorporated to mimic the style of architecture used for the Eleanor's cross Edward had erected in her memory.
Interesting fact: She was better educated than most medieval queens and exerted a strong cultural influence on the nation.
Queen Boudica
Queen Boudica’s 18 carat yellow gold ring has been delicately carved with a moon and star emblem on the band, similar to what was depicted on the Iceni warriors' armour and other valuable items at the time. The four claw setting is designed to look like Boudica's crown, shown on the statue commissioned by Prince Albert which stands outside the Houses of Parliament. 
Interesting fact:  Queen Boudica, united the warring tribes of Briton and led them in to battle with the Roman Empire between AD 60 and AD 61, almost forcing the Romans to leave England.
Empress Matilda
Empress Matilda’s 0.04ct diamond engagement ring has been designed with a tapered band to resemble axe blades, a weapon commonly used during the Anarchy and a motif seen on the coinage of the period.
Interesting fact: Empress Matilda was chosen by her father, Henry I, to succeed him to the throne
Queen Elizabeth l
This 18 carat gold ring has been designed with a very simple rub-over setting in white gold, reminiscent of the simplicity of Protestant beliefs, and a simplistic delicate band in yellow gold. The open setting at the back of the stones allows lots of light to shine through the three diamonds, set in a trilogy style.
Interesting Fact: Throughout her life, Elizabeth refused to marry, insisting she was married to her country. 
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