Mermaids, Gods and Sailors - Aquamarine, the Gem of the Ocean

Mermaids, Gods and Sailors - Aquamarine, the Gem of the Ocean

Are you born in March? Your birthstone is aquamarine. Aquamarine gemstones have been prized above all other gems for centuries and their existence in jewellery can be traced back to ancient civilisations. With a name derived from the latin word for 'seawater' this is a gem is most known for its watery appearance, with colours ranging from sea green to river blue.

Aquamarine Gemstones on flowers

A selection of just some of the aquamarine gemstones we have in-stock at our shop in Soho. Typically translucent and light blue in colour, these loose aquamarine gemstones could be mistaken for dew drops on tulips on an early Spring morning!

Aquamarines are referenced in Ancient Greek mythology and are said to have been washed ashore after spilling from the treasure chests of Sirens. These mermaid-like creatures were famed for seducing sailors and luring them towards their peril.

A mermaids treasure chest

'A Mermaid' by John Williams Waterhouse (1900).

The ancient Philosopher Pliny wrote of Aquamarine, “the lovely aquamarine, which seems to have come from some mermaid’s treasure house, in the depths of a summer sea, has charms not to be denied.” Ancient Romans also associated aquamarine with the ocean as it was said to be sacred to Neptune, Roman God of the Sea.

Neptune, Roman God of the Sea

Neptune and Amphitrite by Paris Bordon. This painting depicts the marriage of the sea goddess Amphitrite, daughter of Nereus and Doris, with Neptune.

Known as the gemstone of the ocean, sailors throughout history have worn amulets of aquamarine to protect them during long ocean voyages. Many notable jewellers of today have referenced the long standing nautical heritage of this gem. The below ring was designed by Tiffany & Co in 1893 and features a central aquamarine held on the shoulders of mermaids. The aquamarine itself is etched with a compass and nautical bell. 

Historica Aquamarine Ring 

 Nautical Ring by Tiffancy & Co (1893)

A sister gem to the exquisite emerald, the aquamarine has since become the modern day queen of all gems within the world of luxury fine jewellery. Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain owned a spectacular collection of aquamarine gemstone jewellery, consisting of a tiara, necklace, brooch and pair of earrings. 

Queen Victoria Eugenia's Aquamarine Tiara

Queen Victoria Eugenia's Aquamarine Tiara 

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