New starts, new beginnings - Gifts for Spring

New starts, new beginnings - Gifts for Spring

Another year begins and we're slowly getting into the swing of things... Now seems like a perfect time to remind ourselves to embrace those resolutions. These jewellery pieces symbolise the start of something new. Wear one to remind you or a loved one to focus on your goals and embrace the journey. 

"From tiny acorns mighty oaks grow."

Two acorn and oak leaf necklace

Acorns are symbolic and make the perfect jewellery gift for a new mum, or for those celebrating a new start; maybe a new job, a renewed relationship, a move to the country or just to celebrate nature. View our acorn jewellery.  


"A pretty solid gold star to brighten every day."

Small but precious, this Rose Gold Tiny Star Necklace would make a perfect good luck gesture for a friend or a lovely treat to yourself.


" Leap whole-heartedly into your resolutions."

Our Sterling Silver Hare Necklace

Wear this Silver Leaping Hare Necklace as a reminder to embrace your new goals, or as a reminder of the brighter days in Spring. 


"Follow the stars and you'll never loose your way."

Compass Star Ring

Based on the North Star design of a traditional compass, wear the Compass Star Ring to remind you of the direction you wish to take in your life. 

Silver Ursa Major Necklace

This necklace depicts Ursa Major, the constellation of the she-bear Callisto. The tip of her tail points towards the North Star. Sailors have used these stars to navigate through the centuries. Wear one as a token of the guiding star that steers you towards your own destiny.


"Wear a token of luck while on your journey."

Silver lucky elephant necklace

This Lucky Elephant Necklace has been designed according to the Thai tradition that an elephant with its trunk curled up represents good luck. Do you know someone about to embark on a great journey? This necklace would make a thoughtful gift or personal treat for someone starting their own business, travelling around the world or sitting a final year of exams.


"Focus on things or qualities that bring you joy."

 Silver Focus Fairy Necklace

The Focus Fairy Necklace is small enough to tuck underneath a top or t-shirt. This necklace is designed to watch over and guide you. Work with this diva for five minutes (or more) every day by focusing upon those things or qualities that bring you joy, pleasure and fulfilment.


"May your wildest dreams come true."

 Wildest Dreams Necklace

This light, silver tag bears the engraved message "May Your Wildest Dreams Come True" and hangs from curb chain with a tiny golden heart. The Wildest Dreams Necklace is a lovely gift to give someone special who is starting a new phase in their life whether it is starting a new job, leaving school or embarking on an adventure!

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