• Reflecting On Our Green Credentials For Fairtrade Fortnight

March 02, 2018

Reflecting On Our Green Credentials For Fairtrade Fortnight

As we ​head into an increasingly conscientious consumer age with communication barriers diminishing, we are noticing our impact on the environment, steering us to make more ethical choices in our purchases. At Joy Everley, we pride ourselves​ in trying to​ source​ ​our materials as ethically and sustainably as possible, but what exactly does this mean and how do we as a small business actually make a difference?


Fighting For The Future With Fairtrade

​We use Fairtrade Gold for all our wedding bands, offering a wide selection of carats, colours and profiles. We are also developing a collection of Joy Everley designs made from Fairtrade gold, starting with some beautiful ring designs from the Baroque Collection.  ​When a product is certified Fairtrade, it is guaranteed that it is sourced in an ethical and sustainable manner. This includes things like changing the chemicals used in the mines to have a much less harmful impact on the environment and health of the workers. The workers are also paid a fair wage for their labour and have been given the tools  for community improvement in light of health, education and local infrastructure.

The Reason For Recycling

​We are proud to say that all of our exclusive 9ct gold designs are made from at least 75% recycled gold​ and a few years ago we launched our Sustainable Engagement Ring Collection.  These rings are individually handmade from entirely recycled gold and set with beautiful old cut diamonds rescued from vintage treasures.  The ‘recycle’ in recycled metals and stones means that ​the components are​ sourced from products already in circulation. The reason we are pro recycling is because the more metals and stones that are recycled, the less they are mined and thus the less impact there is on the environment.
Playing Our Part
At Joy Everley, we encourage conscious shopping.

​The​ morals we base our company on also led us to​ join​ ​t​he London Living Wage Foundation.
Taking ​small steps​ ​for our planet and the people in it.​​