• Satellite of Love: The Inspiration Behind The Telstar Collection And A Behind The Scenes Look At Our Photoshoot

March 15, 2018

Satellite of Love
The Inspiration Behind the Telstar Collection and a Behind the Scenes look at our Photoshoot
The first Telstar satellite was launched on July 10th 1962. The NASA team behind Telstar One fore-fronted the technology that kick-started the globalised communication we're so used to enjoying today.
 The Inspiration
It was this pioneering technology that inspired Joy to design her Telstar collection. With clean lines and shapes that mimic the tails of comets flying through space and a retro-futuristic feel to the pieces, the Telstar Collection transcends both age and gender.
(The Telstar One launches on a Delta rocket in 1962. Image by NASA)
 The new Telstar shoot is launching in the hope of shining a light towards the beginning of a new era, reminiscent of the time in which the original satellite itself shot into space. Telstar One enabled the first ever transatlantic television transmission between the USA and France, bringing the two countries together. Our internet age is bringing individuals together, allowing more and more people to come to the realisation that they are not alone, enabling them to be the truest version of themselves.
The Photoshoot
 Our photographer, Tom Selmon, photographed Joy's pieces with an emphasis on ideas of unconditional love and acceptance. He did this by having the models shown to be exploring a new found sense of self as mother and child, while showcasing the jewellery worn in both traditional and unconventional ways.
Focusing on a gender non-binary child and their mother, the aim of the shoot is for the Telstar collection to help highlight a change in opinion and a focus on love and acceptance, to co-usher in a brand new era much like the original Telstar Satellite.
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