Spice of the Week: Chilli

Spice of the Week: Chilli

Spice of the Week

Part 4 - Chilli
In this blog series, we're taking a look at the ingredients that inspired our unique range, The Spice Collection. Read on to discover the spice of the week and shop your favourite pieces.
Chilli Plant with Red Peppers
Where does Chilli come from?

The Chilli, otherwise spelt 'chili', is the fruit of a plant from the genus Capsicum which are members of the nightshade family, Solanaceae.

Chilli peppers originated in Mexico and after the Columbian Exchange, the chilli pepper plant spread across the world. They are usually grown n North America and Europe and are believed to come from the Capsicum annuum. These plants all have white, yellow, red, or purple to black fruits and look beautifully exquisite.

scientific chilli
In 2016, the world's production of raw green chilli peppers amounted to 34.5 million tonnes, with China producing half of the world's total, showing just how popular the demand for this tasty plant is!
How is the spice produced?


Chilli powder is created by drying and crushing the fruits of the chilli plant. The drying stage intensifies the flavour and strength of the chilli to give it a real kick! This also gives Chilli Powder a longer shelf life, so you can keep the powder in your spice rack for much longer than a whole chilli.

The green chilli has a higher water content than red chillies and also has zero calories which makes this type of chilli perfect for salads and other healthy meals. The red chilli is usually tastier and the more popular type of chilli. Yet, all chillies have their benefits to both your health and your taste buds!

What is Chilli used for?

Green chillies are used to manage blood sugar levels by controlling the insulin level in your blood. Another great use for this type of chilli is that it promotes digestion, as it is loaded with fibre; they’re also brilliant for the skin, due to having a rich source of vitamin C and E. Lastly, green chillies keep the heart healthy, as they contain beta-carotene.

Red Chilli Paste

Red chillies help to maintain blood pressure, thanks to its high potassium content. There is a rich source of Vitamin C in red chillies, which helps aid the immune system and the antioxidants in the chilli prevents heart problems.
Chilli Chicken Curry


Chilli powder is often used in Latin American delicacies, such as tacos and enchiladas to give them some spicy flare. Chilli powder is a great way to add some flavour to otherwise bland foods such as vegetables, broths, and meats. You can also use the chilli spice as flakes, which are perfect on a pizza or even to spice up a yummy desert!

Joy Everley Jewellery Inspiration

 We have a number of spicy chillies available in silver, vermeil and 9ct gold. Thanks to a naturally unusual shape, chillies make for great drop earrings or a funky pendant (have you seen our 'bunch of chillies' necklace?). Add some spice to your evening with a chilli design for yourself or loved one - or maybe you want to gift your fiery-friend with some jewellery that reflects their personality? We've got you covered with our wonderfully unique spice collection right here.

 Eating bunch of chilli


Written by Cate Riley.








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