The inspiration behind the NEW Love&Joy Collection by Joy Everley

The inspiration behind the NEW Love&Joy Collection by Joy Everley

Inspired by this wonderful hot summer which has brought back memories of 1976, the new Love&Joy collection is a delightful addition to the Joy Everley collections. They say the 60’s really happened in the 70's! We were young and free, and believed in Love, Peace and Joy. We lived as if that summer feeling would go on forever. It's time to spread Love&Joy once again.
The collection centres around the large iconic Peace Sign, detailing the exquisite wild flowers that grow in Joy’s garden in North Wales. The chosen flowers are: Celandine, Bluebell, Strawberry Flower, Forget Me Not and Heather. Each flower is very important and a valuable nectar source for pollinators.



Celandine Ficaria Verna

These little bright yellow stars, are the first cheerful arrivals every spring and dot the grassy lane, closing up their petals at night or when it rains.
The plant’s glossy green heart shaped leaves and shining yellow flowers inspired William Wordsworth to praise its “glittering countenance”. 

Bluebell Hyacinthoides non-scripta 


A carpet of bluebells in a woodland glade can be breathtaking. Individually the flowers are so delicate and pretty. Almost half the world's bluebells are found in the UK, they’re relatively rare in the rest of the world.

Forget Me Not M. sylvatica


A flower to represent true and undying love. All of the flowers in the Myosotis genus can be called Forget Me Nots. This unusual Greek name means mouse’s ear, referring to the shape of the flower’s tiny petals. 

Heather Calluna vulgaris

In the summer the mountainsides are purple with carpets of heather. In days gone by, heather was often used to stuff bedding. In fact, the species was introduced to North America thanks to the heather beds that Scottish Highland settlers brought with them.

Wild Strawberries Fragaria vesca



The Wild Strawberry belongs to the Rose family (Rosaceae).   
The pretty little white flowers can produce tiny wild strawberries which are delicious and sweet, but hard to find.
The wild strawberry is a plant of open woodland, banks and grassy places.  

All these wonderful wild flowers have been made into beautiful pendants and earrings for our customers to wear and spread the Love&Joy once again…




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