The Joy Everley Shop Window:  A showcase for talented artists

The Joy Everley Shop Window: A showcase for talented artists

From illustrators to Instagram influencers, we have had a range of talent in our store window and are especially proud of our current display.

The idea & execution of our latest, Satellite of Love, Window

​Our spring window at ​ Joy Everley is more than just a display. For us, it was a chance for a local talent to grow our theme​ ​from​ the Telstar Collection into a beautifully conceptualised -well thought out- campaign, SATELLITE OF LOVE​. The campaign concept came from ​London based photographer​ Tom Selmon, who explored the idea of self expression ​by​ casting a non-binary model and chose to highlight a Mother’s unconditional love for their child, showcasing acceptance and understanding for their freedom of gender expression through the campaign imagery, A mother happily letting the child’s creativity soar to previously unexplored terrains, much like a satellite.


A highlight for us was collaborating with Bettina who is a freelance chef & Instagram influencer @bettinas_kitchen. We also had so much fun with the other talented artists who helped put the Satellite of Love concept together.


Our aim is for the Telstar Collection to help highlight a change in opinion and a focus on love and acceptance, to co-usher in a brand new era much like the original Telstar Satellite. Something which Tom Selmon captured beautifully.
Models: @bettinas_kitchen , @caeloxx 
Photo: @tomselmon 
Stylist: @noemieschelbert 
Hair: @shun.hairhead 
Make-up: @porschepoon

Some of our favourite window display collaborations

Tropical Suburbia 

For our summer campaign 2017 TROPICAL SUBURBIA​, we decided to think outside the box a little and asked​ @foreveryoursbetty ​to be our model​. Betty is a Scottish Entrepreneur / Creative and has​ unique look and ​vivid​ personality which we loved.
We thought she would fit perfectly with the Tropical Suburbia collection style and couldn’t wait to meet her.The photoshoot was a success and we thought that our
collaboration with Betty shone a new light
onto our shop window !

Bee Collection 


For our bee window we collaborated with designer and illustrator, Suzanne Carpenter
@patternistas​​, who designed the colourful​ floral window vinyl and acrylic bee mobiles​. Suzanne Carpenter is a Cardiff based illustrator and pattern designer. She grew up with a passion for paper collages, using bits of colour and textures from old magazines and transforming them into new pictures to illustrate brochures and books.



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