The Joy of Oak Trees

The Joy of Oak Trees

The Joy of Oak Trees - Kings of the Forest-

As a British Independent Heritage Brand we often look to our countryside for design inspiration. Here we share one of our favourites and most treasured- The Oak Tree.
English Oak Tree

The Mighty Oak 

Majestic in its magnificence, the strength and fortitude of the Mighty Oak is woven into the fabrics of folklore for many ancient cultures. The legends of Zeus, Jupiter and Thor are all intertwined with the oak tree, together with the powerful elements of rain, thunder and lightning. Perhaps this is why, along with their size, that the Mighty Oak seems more prone to lightning strikes than any other tree! Greeks and Romans wore crowns and wreaths of golden oak leaves to symbolise the Gods they represented on earth.
Etruscan wreath in gold
The oak leaf motif is still closely linked to military prowess and monarchical regalia to this very day.
RAF Gold Oak Leaf Cap

The Historical English Oak

There are more oak trees in Great Britain than any other tree. Never was there a more deserving or appropriate choice of logo for the National Trust, or the very first series of £1 coins, than the Great English Oak. They are deeply rooted to our landscapes and embedded in our history. Standing strong and steady in their endurance, they offer protection and shelter to the parklands, native wildlife and historical sites they represent.
Richmond Park Oak Deer
Ancestral in age, they span eons, from Robin Hood's 1000 year old Major Oak in Sherwood Forest, to Gog and Magog, the 2000 year old Oaks of Avalon, at Glastonbury Tor, named so after the two surviving giants from the invasion of Brutus. Like Great Kings and Forest Forefathers, the roots of our Regal Oaks stretch far, wide and deep, binding the earth and bearing the foundation of our lands.

Tree of life

The Oak tree really is a symbol of life itself. From the tiniest of seeds grows the mightiest of trees. From the springtime of youth to the autumn days of our golden years, it is captured in the beautiful words of Lord Alfred Tennyson.....
The Oak
Live thy Life,
Young and old,
Like yon oak,
Bright in spring,
Living gold;
Then; and then
Gold again.

Golden gifts for-Everley yours..... Love Joy xx

In the middle ages we were married under great oak trees. Acorns have been carried in pockets for centuries as good luck charms. They were believed to protect us from illnesses, aches and pains, as well as speeding the healing process for those already ill.
acorns and oak leaves
As the fruit of the oak tree, acorns themselves hold the potential for strength and greatness, for knowledge, wisdom and insight. For all of these reasons our acorn and oak leaf designs, in their silver or golden hues, make perfect gifts for those treasured milestone moments in our lives- a baby, a first day at school, graduation, marriage, to offer hope when times are tough, and even our retirement. 

Acorn Oak Leaf SilverOak Leaf Solid Gold EarstudVermeil Acorn Oak Necklace
In today's fast paced world, we continue to revere the Oak Tree, and like the Mighty Oak itself our timeless designs will continue to bring love and joy, long after we have gone, generation after generation....... "Summer-rich, then Gold again"
Written By John.
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Sources: (English Heritage Buildings)
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