Spice of The Week: Star Anise

Spice of The Week: Star Anise

Spice of the Week

Part 1 - Star Anise
In this blog series, we're taking a look at the ingredients that inspired our unique range, The Spice Collection. Read on to discover the spice of the week and shop your favourite pieces.


Where does Star Anise come from?

 Star Anise Tree

The Star Anise is a star-shaped spice made from the fruit of the South East Asian tree, Illicium Verum. The spice seeds are harvested from the star-shaped pods and taste slightly like liquorice. When grown from seeds, these trees can take up to 6 years to produce fruits. 

How is it produced?

The fruits are harvested, whilst green and unripe, and later sun-dried. The seeds are then extracted from the points of the mesmerising, innate star shape, and stored. The Star Anise is not only loved for its renowned taste and medicinal benefits, but for its exotic and natural beauty. 

Star Anise medical drawing


What is Star Anise used for?

This spice has been used as a traditional Chinese medicine for many years and can be used for anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial purposes. It can be used in tea to aid digestion. Many Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines incorporate this spice, mainly to enhance flavour. The Star Anise is one of the Chinese ‘5 Spice’ and Indian ‘Garam Masala’ blends, which are widely used in both home and restaurant cooking. Star Anise is also an excellent addition to an ice-cold summer gin and tonic!

Star Anise Curry and Cooking


Joy Everley Jewellery Inspiration 

 The Star Anise has such a beautiful natural shape. We have taken the design directly from nature and woven it into lots of different gorgeous jewellery pieces.  We have created pretty pendants and earrings in silver and gold, often popping a tiny diamond into the centre. The statement piece of the collection is a glamorous cuff made from an intricate lattice of Star Anise stars.

Spice Campaign Jewellery & Peppers
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Written by Cate Riley.

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