Spaceships, Galaxies and Star-Crossed Lovers

Spaceships, Galaxies and Star-Crossed Lovers

Do something different for Valentines Day this year... Make (gamma) waves in the sky with the one who makes you feel cosmic and plan a space themed v-day for your loved one! We've handpicked our favourite gifts and ideas to help you tell your S.O they're out of this world. 

 A Jewellers Guide to the Galaxy  

Step 1: Make a space-themed card. 

It's much easier than you think. All you need is watercolour paints and watercolour paper. To create something extra special get some glow-in-the-dark paint and make the stars twinkle! Or write a hidden message in the stars. Watch this video to learn how to make your own watercolour galaxy



Step 2: Dress up like a galaxy. 

Take inspiration from Valentino's pre-fall 2015 collection. Create your own intergalactic jumper by attaching iron-on planets, moons and stars embroidery patches. We found these planet patches on Etsy. 



Science Museum Star Projector










Step 3: Bring the stars home


Make a home cooked meal and eat under the stars - indoors where it's warm! We found this night sky projector at the Royal Greenwich Observatory Shop, and this Star Projector by the Science Museum - swap your romantic candles for a starry nightlight! 



Step 4: Keep them forever

Tell someone special your story was written in the stars. Intertwine your star signs with a custom made necklace or pair of earrings by Yasmin Everley.

Fact: Did you know diamonds exist in space?  When a star transitions into a White Dwarf it becomes so cold that its centre crystallises to form a giant diamond core! The largest diamond in the universe is a star called Lucy (also known as BPM 37093) and measures approximately 3000 km wide.... Choose something with a diamond for the ultimate space-themed valentines gift. 

Star Crossed Lovers Necklace


This Star-Crossed Lovers Necklace is one of the most romantic gifts ever! Two signs are joined as a pair of infinite circles - considered by the Ancient Greeks to be the most geometrically perfect shape – and within each, a cluster of the stars accurately form the constellations, suspended in space by a delicate wire. In this example, the larger sign is Pisces while the smaller is Gemini.


Star Crossed Lovers Earrings








Similar to the necklace, these Star-Crossed Lovers Earrings show two signs which accurately depict the constellations. Both the necklace and the earrings have cast in sterling silver but can also be made-to-order in solid gold.

Sustainable Diamond Engagement Ring











Valentines day is still considered THE MOST romantic day of the year to propose. Give your love one the ultimate gift - stardust! Propose with this bespoke Sustainable Diamond Engagement Ring

Gold Astrology Ring



This unisex Gold Astrology Ring would make a beautiful alternative engagement ring for men and women. This ring has been set with a trio of tiny black diamonds - like mystical dark matter hidden between the stars. 



Visit our Pinterest board for more space-themed Valentines Day ideas.

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