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Wild Strawberries!

Love & Joy

The Love & Joy Collection celebrates the abundant beautiful wild flowers growing around my home in North Wales. One of the shyest is the tiny Wild Strawberry Flower, but once spotted it's worth keeping an eye on them in the hope of being rewarded with delicious miniature strawberries later on.

Pretty Jewellery

The Wild Strawberry Flower has translated beautifully into delicate jewellery pieces. We have made the flowers by casting them in Sterling Silver and hand painting with carefully matched enamel colours. In this image, the Strawberry flowers are suspended from pale blue Forget Me Not studs to create pretty drop earrings.

Fragaria vesca

The Wild Strawberry (Fragaria vesca) belongs to the Rose family (Rosaceae), and it belongs to the same genus as the cultivated strawberry.    The pretty little white flowers can produce the tiny wild strawberries which are delicious and sweet, but hard to find.

The wild strawberry is a plant of open woodland, banks and grassy places. The wild strawberry plants we see  are not escapees, but native plants completely different to the domestic varieties we plant in our gardens.

Unwary foragers often miss the chance to pick these beautiful little gems, as they are often well camouflaged under the leaves. Mind you, their diminutive size would never lead one to suspect the flavoursome nature of the wild strawberry, much sweeter than its larger counterpart.

It’s incredible how these little berries can pack so much flavour, making up for in taste what they lack in size. Unfortunately, it really takes dedicated picking to collect many wild strawberries, but it is definitely worth the effort.

The fruit is rich in sugars and vitamins B, C and E.

Wild strawberries have an extremely sweet flavour and a hint of vanilla. The fruit is best eaten fresh on its own and can be served with cream or ice cream. Preserve into jams, jellies and syrups or use in muesli and granola mixes.


Add a Strawberry Flower

Add a little Strawberry Flower or even a juicy red Strawberry Charm to a summer charm bracelet





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