Your support for The British Beekeepers Association

Your support for The British Beekeepers Association

You helped us raise over £1000 for The British Beekeepers Association within the past year! 

The last twelve months has been an exciting time for Joy Everley Fine Jewellers and our beautiful Bee Collection. We launched a new series of honeycomb inspired rings and celebrated the arrival of our tiny bee charm and necklace. In Summer, hundreds of bee-friendly wildflower seed packets were given to all our customers who purchased from the Bee Collection, and we were delighted to have so many people share their beautiful wildflower garden photos with us.

Over the last year we also developed a budding new friendship with the wonderful people at The British Beekeepers Association, the UK's leading organisation representing beekeepers. For each purchase from our Bee Collection, a donation of 10% of the total item cost has been made to BBKA's Friends of the Honeybee campaign. 

The Bee Collection

The BBKA are a registered charity who work to further and promote the craft of beekeeping and advance the education of the public in the importance of bees in the environment. Honeybees alongside solitary bees and other pollinators play a very important role in the biodiversity of our environment. They help us produce some of our favourite foods and create delicious honey! Honeybees are particularly under threat due to the destructive Verroa mite which damages colonies around the world.

Silver Hexagon Signet RingSilver Stacking Honecomb RingSilver Hexagon Ring

The donations raised for the British Beekeepers Association will go towards funding scientific research on how to protect bees against the pesky Verroa mite. It will also help fund educational programmes across the UK with the aim to build stronger, bee-friendly environments. We'd like to take this moment to thank you for helping us support the British Beekeepers Association through your admiration of our bee inspired jewellery collection.

Read more about their The British Beekeepers Association Friends of the Honeybee campaign,  or browse of Bee Collection.

The Bee Jewellery Collection

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