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Fairtrade Gold

All of our jewellery can be produced in Fairtrade Gold and made-to-order in rose, white and yellow gold in your choice of 9ct or 18ct gold.  We also stock a beautiful collection of Fairtrade gold wedding bands

About Fairtrade Gold

There are currently over 30 million artisanal miners and small-scale mines in the world. These miners usually work independently to mine or pan for gold, often using hand tools. The issues surrounding artisanal miners can stem from difficulties implementing regulatory procedures to oversee labour conditions, safety standards, and environmental responsibilities, especially where mercury is involved. Many families and individuals throughout the world rely on the income generated from mining. Fairtrade seeks to make a difference to the lives of small-scale and artisanal miners through ensuring they receive a fair wage and work fair hours in a safer working environment, with access to resources that allow for investment in social, economical and environmental development projects through the Fairtrade Premium.

"Before we used to mine the gold and sell it to an intermediary who paid for it, then he sold it to someone else and so on until it was exported. But now, since the arrival of Fairtrade to support us, we already have better prices and people cannot cheat on us so easily." - Fairtrade.org

Where is it from?

"Miners and their families live in nearby Santa Filomena, which was established by small-scale agriculturalists, unemployed and landless people displaced by violence in other regions of Peru, who took to informal mining." -Fairtrade.org

The Fairtrade Gold is mined from the Sotrami Mine in the Atacama Desert in Peru. The area surrounding the mine was once owned by an American Company, however after the price of gold fell in the 1970's, the Peruvian government nationalised gold mining, which resulted in the American mining company leaving the area shortly after. This led to the informal mining of gold by local people and citizens, especially after the economic crisis in Peru during the 1980's which caused many people to migrate to mining areas like the Atacama Desert in search of work. These informal miners later formed the SOTRAMI mining organisation. 

"After forming SOTRAMI, the group began working towards the elimination of child labour and working towards international labour standards, which today form the basis of the Fairtrade and Fairmined standard for gold."

Today the mine supports 500 families. 

A worker at the Sotrami Mine in Peru

What is the Fairtrade Premium?

The Fairtrade Premium is an amount of money paid directly to the miners, on top of the agreed Fairtrade Price. Money from the Fairtrade Premium goes towards investing in local infrastructure, healthcare and education, as decided democratically by workers at the ground level of the SOTRAMI organisation. With Fairtrade Premium Funds, the community at Santa Filomena have established a pre-school for 140 children. In the future, "teachers hope to hire someone to maintain the building and secure a reliable water source for the children". As the retailer, Joy Everley has chosen to absorb the cost of the Fairtrade Premium rather than pass the extra cost on to our customers.

Oak leaf

A work in progress... 

Pure gold is extremely soft, which means most gold jewellery is mixed with alloy metals (such as silver, palladium, copper and zinc) in order to strengthen it and make jewellery that is suitable for everyday use. The carat of gold jewellery refers to the amount of pure gold present in ratio to the alloy components. The higher the carat, the more gold is present. For all Fairtrade gold jewellery worldwide, the term 'Fairtrade' only refers to the gold components. The alloy components are not necessarily Fairtrade because at present there is no Fairtrade framework for miners of other alloy metals (except silver). 

We think Fairtrade gold is a step in the right direction. But we also think it's important that all miners of precious metals and natural gemstones are paid fairly and work in safe conditions. In the future we'd like to supply Fairtrade jewellery made from 100% Fairtrade metals, but it's a work in progress. 

Our Fairtrade Gold Wedding Bands

Joy Everley is proud to stock a collection of beautiful, simple wedding bands made from Fairtrade Gold. This collection is available in yellow, white or red 9ct or 18ct gold and can be made to measure in any width, texture or profile. Our Fairtrade Gold wedding bands are made in Britain and bear the special Fairtrade hallmark. Shop Fairtrade Gold Wedding Bands

Fairtrade Gold Wedding Bands


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