Solid Gold Lucky Elephant Necklace by Joy Everley

A lucky gold elephant charm on a fine chain

Our delightful little elephant charm is based on the Thai tradition that an elephant with its trunk curled up is a symbol of good luck. We have paired our elephant with a light curb chain to create a necklace which looks great on people of any gender! This piece of animal jewellery makes a lovely present for animal lovers and adventurers alike. It also makes a wonderful personal treat if you want to bring a bit of extra luck into your life!

Our charms and pendants can be attached in any combination to any of our chains or bracelets free of charge.


Solid 9ct Yellow Gold

Made from at least 75% recycled metals, including recycled gold.


The elephant stands 15mm tall and measures 18mm from trunk to tail. Your choice of chain length. 

This necklace is unisex. If your purchase is intended for a man, please note that it is best to choose a chain length of at least 20 inches. 

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