Golden Christmas Fairies by Joy Everley

A fairy isn't just for Christmas!

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Enjoy the  spirit of Christmas when you wear or give one of our beautiful Fairies. A lovely companion through Christmas time and beyond, these are precious necklaces to treasure.

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The three Fairies presented here are Tiny Focus Fairy (Top), Large Focus Fairy (Left) and Angel Of Grace (Right). Each one brings special sentiments to the wearer:

Focus Fairy - "Work with this diva for five minutes (or more) every day by focusing upon those things or qualities that bring you joy, pleasure and fulfilment. What makes you happy? Which qualities about yourself do you enjoy? As you practise with this energy of appreciation, you will create more of that quality or those qualities in your life."

Angel of Grace - "If you call upon them, an Angel is always there for you. We don't need to sense or see them, we can instead trust that our call has been heard and that assistance is on the way! We are so deeply loved and the Angels will wait patiently until we open to receive their love." 


Vermeil - solid Sterling Silver plated in pure gold

These necklaces are plated in pure gold. Depending on how often the jewellery is worn, in time the gold will wear off revealing the beautiful silver underneath but leaving bright gold enhancing the details


Tiny Focus - 16mm tall, wingspan 16mm

Large Focus - 40mm tall, wingspan 35mm

Angel - 40mm tall, wingspan 20mm


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