Silver Telstar Studs with Pearls by Joy Everley

A different way to wear pearls!

What could be more chic than beautiful pearls hanging from our simple Telstar ear studs.  This is a wonderful gift that will never go out of style – perfect for anyone who has shared pearls of wisdom with you. Pearls make a lovely present for people born in June, as pearls are the birthstone for this summer month. These earrings look particularly elegant worn against a black silk shirt or dress.

Our charms and pendants can be attached in any combination to any of our chains or bracelets free of charge.

These Pearls are the real thing, grown in the shells of mussels or oysters. Joy Everley's pearls are all cultured i.e. farmed, but the term 'cultured pearls' usually refers to those grown in oysters. The pearls cultivated in mussels and farmed in rivers and lakes are labelled 'freshwater pearls', and tend to be a little irregular in shape, which only adds to their charm. What all the pearls we use have in common is their beautiful lustre, which enhances every skin tone. Please note that as these are real, freshwater pearls and therefore the colouring may vary slightly. 


Sterling Silver

Freshwater Pearls


Hoops 14mm outer diameter

Pearls 7mm diameter

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