Tiny Silver Pinecone Earrings by Joy Everley

A miniature version of our Sterling Silver pinecone necklace 

We love collecting pinecones on an autumnal walk in the countryside, and so we have crafted a beautifully detailed, very tiny version of our original Silver Pinecone Necklace as part of the Nature Walk collection! These teeny-weeny pinecone earrings are a lovely reminder of how beauty can be found in even the tiniest of objects. The distinctive silhouette of the pinecone looks great with any outfit, whether you choose to have your pendant in polished or darkened silver! You can also go for a larger pinecone in either silver or solid gold.

This piece was designed in London and has been handcrafted using traditional lost wax casting, and hallmarked by the London Assay Office. Please read our Jewellery Care guide to make sure your piece of handcrafted jewellery lasts for many years!


Solid Sterling Silver


Each pinecone measures approximately 9mm tall by 7mm wide.


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