New Fairtrade Gold Wedding Bands

New Fairtrade Gold Wedding Bands

New Fairtrade Gold Wedding Rings

We're so pleased to announce our new collection of Fairtrade Gold Wedding Rings are now available in-store and online.  The rings can be yellow, white or red 9ct or 18ct gold and made to measure in any width, texture or profile. Our Fairtrade gold wedding bands are made in Britain and bear the special Fairtrade hallmark.


Our Fairtrade Gold is ethically and sustainably sourced from the Sotrami Mine in the Acatama Deser, Peru. Fairtrade seeks to make a difference to the lives of small-scale and artisanal miners through ensuring they receive a fair wage and work fair hours in a safer working environment, with access to resources that allow for investment in social, economical and environmental development projects. Read More about our Fairtrade Gold.

View a selection of our Fairtrade Gold Wedding Rings online, or visit our independent jewellery shop in Soho to see the full collection. 

A work in progress 

Pure gold is extremely soft, which means most gold jewellery is mixed with alloy metals (such as silver, palladium, copper and zinc) in order to strengthen the jewellery so that it's suitable for everyday use. The carat of gold jewellery refers to the amount of pure gold present in ratio to the alloy components. The higher the carat, the more gold present. For all Fairtrade gold jewellery worldwide, the term 'fairtrade' only refers to the gold components. The alloy components are not necessarily fairtrade because at present there is no Fairtrade framework for miners of other alloy metals. 

We think Fairtrade gold is a step in the right direction. But we also think it's important that all miners of precious metals and natural gemstones are paid fairly and work in safe conditions.  In the future we'd like to supply Fairtrade jewellery made from 100% Fairtrade metals, but it's a work in progress. 

Alternative Options - Recycled Materials

Joy Everley provides an option for gold wedding bands designs of your own choosing to be made from 100% recycled metals,  reworking and up-cycling your unwanted or broken gold jewellery. The use of recycled metals in the production of jewellery reduces the need for mining and helps to reduce environmental damage. 

This concept has also been applied to Joys unique collection of Sustainable Diamond Engagement Rings. Each ring features a beautiful recycled diamond taken from a vintage treasure, reworked into it’s own unique design and set in recycled gold.

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