Collection: Alice Ruby Piercing Jewellery

Nothing is more personal and intimate than piercing jewellery, especially for cartilage and other especially sensitive areas. This is why we took our time finding the perfect jewellery designer/maker of nose studs and rings for nose, helix, tragus and septum.

Then we found jeweller Alice Ruby. Trained as a piercer, she found it it difficult to find good quality septum jewellery and so she made her own! She knows what designs work, creating piercing jewellery that is both beautiful and appropriate for their purpose. Alice Ruby makes each piece entirely by hand in her London studio in solid 18ct white, yellow and rose gold.

Each piece is made to order for you in your specified dimensions.

Please check the dimensions of the piercing jewellery you currently wear before ordering. If you are unsure what gauge (thickness of the wire) or diameter (size of the ring) you need we can recommend a piercer for you to visit who can also put your new jewellery in for you – we do not recommend attempting this yourself unless you are well practised!


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