Collection: Bangles

Wonderful additions to your jewellery box, silver bangles are both chic and versatile. Befitting any occasion, Joy Everley’s silver bangles will always enhance your look, whether you find beauty in simplicity or favour more ornate designs. Rich in history and symbolism, bangles are also memorable gifts with a timeless quality that will always be treasured.

Bangles originated in the Indian subcontinent where archaeological finds suggest that they have been worn by women for thousands of years. The English word bangle is derived from the Hindi word bungri which means glass. Beautiful glass bangles were worn for weddings and the clinking sound they made was believed to ward off negative energy. Now symbolic of eternity and good fortune, bangles are prized in many cultures.

Joy’s incredibly wearable designs include sleek, contemporary bangles together with cuffs which can be combined to create unique arrangements. You will appreciate the refined detail of the Buzzard Feather Silver Cuff while Yasmin Everley’s Ray Silver Bangle boasts impressive elegance. Joy has also created a stunning Men’s Wide Silver Cuff which would be a truly stunning gift. Crafted from sterling silver, each piece in this impressive collection could just be a must-have.

Joy’s bangles include both understated styles and statement pieces. Each be worn individually to great effect. But bangles can also be grouped to impress. It’s always a good day to accessorise with a gorgeous bangle or several!