Collection: Bee Earrings

Sure to be talking points, Joy’s unique bee earrings are special accents that can be worn every day. Don’t miss the Honey Bee and Strawberry Flower Silver Earrings which offer vibrant colour, impressive detail and amazing movement.

Why all the buzz about bees?

Joy’s love of the nature shines through every piece that lights up the Joy of Bees collection. The designs feature amazing refinement and sophistication but also a sense of movement and whimsey. However, the plight of British bees is less edifying. Like many bees, the story of these important pollinators has a sting in its tail.

Without bees, all life on Earth would cease to exist. It’s as simple as that. If there were no bees to pollinate plants, most flora would eventually die out. Life as we know it would end due to the resulting fall in oxygen levels and lack of food. It’s an incredibly sobering thought.