Collection: Bee Necklaces

The countryside boasts its own wonderful soundtrack courtesy of the birds and the bees. Pretty meadows and hedgerows are bursting with life in miniature. Diverse species deliver splashes of bright colour and their voices and movements create a pleasing melody.

As Joy has wandered around the fields and lanes surrounding her Welsh retreat, she has found inspiration in the spectacular diversity of the local insect residents. Little wonder that she now has a bee in her bonnet about...bees!

Crafted from silver, gold and gold vermeil, Joy’s bee necklaces truly celebrate the beauty of their subjects. The Tiny Silver Bee Necklace, Queen Bee Necklace and Silver Bumble Bee Necklace provide pleasing accents for any outfits, by day or after dark. Each bee is curled as if drawing nectar from a flower or approaching a promising bloom.