Collection: Joy of Birch Trees Collection

Contemporary pieces inspired by nature and boasting a naturalistic, twig-like texture! The Joy of Birch collection celebrates the unique qualities of a striking tree that helps to define the British landscape. Joy has created beautifully understated pieces with a quirky feel that fascinate and delight in equal measure.

An important species, the silver birch is a familiar feature of British woodlands. These striking deciduous trees form a light canopy of elegant branches which enables flora and fauna to flourish beneath. Supporting the ecosystem, silver birch trees promote biodiversity by enabling a huge variety of insects and invertebrates to prosper. Many of these are celebrated in the wonderful Joy of Bees collection.

Stylish their simplicity, Joy’s silver birch earrings, rings, necklaces and bangles celebrate nature in unique contemporary designs. Each piece captures a quality of the special trees including the texture of the bark, the movement of the branches and the triangular form of the leaves. Crafted from 9ct gold or sterling silver, Joy Everley’s silver birch jewellery is ideal for every day wear and gives you memorable gifts for family and friends.