Collection: Bird Necklace

Joy Everley’s delicate bird necklaces are fitting tributes to favourite feathered friends. Each bird necklace boasts exceptional detail and truly captures the beauty of its fascinating subject. Her gorgeous Owl, Wren, Raven and Dove necklaces honour British wildlife in gold and silver. But to complete your look with a colourful accent, treat yourself to a wonderful Blue Tit, Budgerigar or Flamingo. necklace These incredibly charming enamelled pieces are sure to raise many smiles.

Striking and contemporary, Joy’s Buzzard Feather and Buzzard Claw necklaces are truly unique. If you can’t choose between these memorable pieces, the feather and Claw necklace will neatly resolve your dilemma. Inspired by nature, a Joy Everly bird necklace is something to cherish - every day.