Collection: Bird Necklaces

Gold and silver treasures celebrating the beauty of both British and exotic birds! From the pretty in pink flamingo to the diminutive wren, Joy Everley bird necklaces honour your favourite feathered friends. Fashioned from gold or sterling silver, each exquisite piece captures the unique character of the bird. These memorable features of The Joy of Nature collection will fascinate all who see them.

Whether you are searching for a delicate, understated piece or a colourful, eye-catching accent, you will discover a bird necklace that complements your personal style. Nature’s marvels in miniature, the enamelled silver budgerigar, blue tit and flamingo pendants lend touches of vibrant colour to any look. Inspired by Welsh birds of prey, the Buzzard Feather and Buzzard Claw designs boast refinement and intricate detail.