Collection: Dark Baroque

Capturing the essence of the Baroque style but imbuing it with a contemporary twist, this collection oozes the wow factor! The polished and darkened Sterling Silver, solid gold and vermeil pieces are both unique and fascinating. Joy Everley’s Dark Baroque jewellery can be worn every day but would grace any special occasion.

Baroque was a style which characterised European art from the early 17th century until 1740. It featured striking contrasts, impressive movement, exciting detail and a sense of grandeur. The Baroque style was first seen in Rome but moved rapidly across the continent. It represented a complete departure from Renaissance classicism with its excessive ornamentation. Baroque brought us new motifs including flowers, fruit, trophies and weapons.

Joy’s stunning designs capture the essence of the Baroque style but reimagine it for the 21st century. The results are memorable rings, cuffs, necklaces and earrings boasting a striking quality and timeless feel. Captured in silver or gold, the impressive designs include elegant rings set with colourful precious gems.

Giving you the best of all worlds, the Dark Baroque collection excites and fascinates in equal measure.