Collection: Daughter

The Minimal Look - The twist ring, kiss cross necklace and jewellery from Yasmin Everley's Astrology Collection are perfect for girls who prefer a delicate, minimal look. Our twist rings are available online in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, and Silver. Go for different sizes to layer up. The 9ct yellow gold Cube Studs are also a favourite! 
The Statement Look - For those who like to stand out with statement jewellery our Roman Coin jewellery, Entomology Collection and Typography Collection will see heads turning. The typography collection features all letters of the alphabet which means you could choose a necklace which has the first letter of your daughters name. Alternatively the Saxony 'O' Initial Necklace looks lovely as a simple shape and would work well on anyone. 
Delicate and Pretty - People who like more feminine jewellery are naturally drawn to our bow rings, pretty heart necklaces in Silver, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold, and floral jewellery pieces set with precious and semi precious gemstones. Alternatively you could choose something from our Fairies and Angels Collection. Each fairy is designed as a spirit with a quality or emotion in mind to watch over and guide you in an aspect of your life.