Collection: Diamond Studs

Dazzling highlights to treasure, diamond stud earrings by Joy Everley truly are forever. Capturing the timeless beauty of the gems, the simple and refined designs complete any look with discreet yet captivating sparkle. Set in white gold, yellow gold or silver, the most precious of gems will always ensure that you step out in confidence, feeling special.

Symbolic of purity, perfection, commitment and brilliance, diamonds are the perfect gifts for both men and women. Also available as singles, Joy Everley’s versatile studs quite simply go with everything. The lucky recipients will always benefit from the perfect accents for each outfit and every occasion. Diamonds are the birthstones for April, but are everyone’s best friends.

This exciting collection of diamond earrings features black diamonds, spiral designs and textured finishes. With the simple studs, you can choose the size of the diamonds to create pieces with just the right amount of razzle dazzle to complement your personal sense of style. Why not team up your timeless earrings with an equally stunning diamond necklace by Joy Everley?

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