Collection: Lover

Stacking Rings - Our stacking rings are the perfect choice for women who like to wear precious and semi-precious gemstones. Buy three together so she can immediately stack them and alternate between the colours, or begin with just one and add to her collection over time! 

Start a Charm Bracelet - Add a charm to her bracelet for every landmark occasion. This is the ultimate thoughtful gift as she will end up with a charm bracelet that tells a meaningful story. You can choose to start with our Smooth Heart Bracelet and engrave a personal message on the little heart charm using our Engraving Service. Alternatively, choose from our selection of Bracelets for Charms and individual charms and talismans.  

Something Meaningful - The Birds of a Feather Necklace or Birds of Another Feather Necklace make a wonderful gift to give your partner and are suitable for everyday wear. These necklaces look best on a long 30 inch chain, or slightly shorter 20 inch chain. Seahorses are a symbol of love, as once paired they stay together for life. Seahorses also intertwine their tails so that they do not drift apart in the ocean.