Collection: Gemstone Necklace

Imbuing any design with stunning colour and impressive sparkle, gemstones are special treasures. Each is unique and lends an eye-catching dimension to jewellery. From the gorgeous greens of emeralds and peridots to the ravishing reds of rubies and garnets, gemstones simply sing. Joy’s necklaces also showcase sapphires, opals and dazzling diamonds. You will discover your birthstone, your favourite colour and many amazing gifts.

A Joy Everley gemstone necklace will always feature a special stone, set to shine in gold or silver. Ornate Baroque jewellery is perfectly completed by radiant gems. The chic simplicity of spiral necklaces is lifted by the brilliance of diamonds. Enhanced by touches of sparkle, the unique Joy of Spice collection truly comes to life. Which gemstone necklace speaks to your heart?