Collection: Pearl Necklaces

Elegant celebrations of the natural beauty and gorgeous lustre of pearls! Joy Everley silver pearl necklaces showcase nature’s delicate marvels in truly timeless pieces. Pearls are wonderful accents for any outfits and befit any occasion. The birthstones of those born in June, pearls are fascinating treasures that ensure each silver necklace in this collection is completely unique.

Pearls form naturally in oysters when organic matter enters a shell. The oyster’s natural defence system reacts to the matter and forms a barrier around it by laying down multiple layers of calcium carbonate. It is these layers which give each pearl its impressive lustre and shine.

As naturally formed pearls occur by chance, they are rare. Cultured pearls also develop naturally but after foreign matter has been implanted into shells deliberately. Joy Everley pearl necklaces feature freshwater pearls which are formed in muscles and which are not uniform in colour, size or shape. Each precious gem is a little miracle and a unique creation.

Partnering lustrous gems with sterling silver, Joy Everley pearl necklaces find beauty in timeless simplicity. Team them up with wonderful earrings from the Joy of Pearls collection to create the perfect set.

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