Collection: Saxony Necklaces by Yasmin Everley

Yasmin Everley Saxony letter necklaces give you sophisticated personal touches to complete your look. Featuring clean lines and geometric forms, the refined designs feel contemporary while capturing the essence of elegant Art Deco facades. Each letter of the alphabet is rendered in three levels of sterling silver with the highest of these completed by opulent gold vermeil.

Trends come and go as do artistic movements, but the timeless quality of the Art Deco style has seen it transcend the decades to remain incredibly current. The angular forms and striking juxtapositions of colours and materials which characterise the style bring exciting texture and eye-catching design to this collection.

Each Saxony letter necklace boasts a silver chain with rectangular links that perfectly complements the initial pendant. Whether a gift for someone special or a tribute to a loved one, a Yasmin Everley Initial necklace will always speak volumes. A single letter express your love, your passion and your sense of style.

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