Collection: Silver & Precious Necklaces

Memorable silver designs to cherish set with dazzling diamonds! Rare and stunning diamonds are everyone’s best friends and transform a gorgeous piece into a something truly special. Joy Everley silver diamond necklaces boast that stunning touch of sparkle that makes all the difference.

Diamonds are very rare and global supplies are dwindling rapidly. These most precious of gems are formed deep beneath the Earth’s surface. They are found only where they have risen following deep-origin volcanic eruptions. No new diamond deposits of note have been found in the last 20 years. To wear a silver diamond necklace is to celebrate one of our planet’s most naturally beautiful and scarce treasures. A Joy Everley diamond necklace celebrates both the striking gems and exceptional jewellery design.

Featuring contemporary and traditional motifs, Joy Everley silver diamond necklaces are wonderful gifts and will transform any look in an instant. Each unique piece reflects not just the light but your interests and passions. Don’t miss the Diamond Star Anise Silver Necklace, a striking feature of the Joy of Spice collection. You will also discover black diamond, crystal and cubic zirconia highlights that you will love.

When only the most singular gift or special treat for yourself will do, nothing compares to sparkling diamonds.

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