Collection: Silver Stud Earrings

Sophisticated accents by day or after dark, silver stud earrings bring understated fine design to your look. You can reflect your interests, your passions and your refinement with versatile sterling silver studs. The diverse motifs reflect marine life, spices, flowers and many wonders of nature. You will discover unique and exclusive designs by both Joy Everley and Yasmin Everley in this exciting and imaginative collection of stud earrings.

From starfish to spiders and from birch twigs to bees, Joy Everley silver stud earrings are drawn from the Joy of Nature, Joy of Birch trees, Joy of Pearls and Baroque collections plus more. The gorgeous choices from Yasmin Everley’s Astrology collection enable you to make a truly personal yet subtle statement. Alternatively, celebrate the timeless elegance of the Art Deco style with Ray initial earrings completed by stunning gold vermeil.

Silver stud earrings are the stylish yet versatile choices for your jewellery box. Ideal finishing touches for any outfit and taking you from the office to the dance floor with ease, studs are both beautiful and practical. You have your favourite motifs, gorgeous pearls, precious gems and quirky designs to choose from. Each set of earrings provides a personal, subtle yet memorable finishing touch that will stand the test of time.