Collection: Sterling Silver Necklaces

Exquisite, personal and yet affordable jewellery to treasure by Joy Everley. Fashioned from timeless sterling silver, the unique charms beautifully capture contemporary and traditional motifs. From fairies to favourite animals and from cameras to cafetieres, each sterling silver necklace is a memorable creation in miniature.

Joy Everley sterling silver necklaces each come with your choice of matching silver chain. Whether your perfect piece is a simple contemporary design or a cute and colourful enamelled bird, you will discover must-have necklaces for your jewellery box. Sterling silver necklaces are also exceptional gifts for any occasion that will delight the lucky recipients.

Drawn from the Joy of Nature collection and the Joy of Spice collection plus many more, the diverse and joyful designs are sure to include your special treasures. The ones that reflect your passions, your interests and your personal style. The ones that will always be noticed.