Collection: Wildlife Necklaces

Stunning interpretations of both British wildlife and many exotic creatures from across the globe! Joy Everley wildlife necklaces perfectly capture the unique character of favourite animals. From Cheeky Monkeys to the gorgeous Gecko, the gold and silver necklaces are drawn from the and Joy of Bees collections. Each charming piece helps you to honour the beauty and diversity of the natural world.

Style matters, of course it does. But your jewellery can also be the perfect expression of your love of nature. A Joy Everley wildlife necklace will lift your look with a distinctive, singular design that will always get you noticed. At the same time, each memorable piece is a fitting tribute to a species worth celebrating.

Many of our most precious creatures are now threatened with extinction. Our own lives depend on the survival of pollinators including the beautiful bumble bee. Joy Everley’s inspired designs are so mcuh more than simply a style statement and can be worn with pride.