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Affordable, striking and on-trend pieces that will always draw the eye! Joy Everley silver rings complement your natural sense of style and reflect your passions. The bands, signet rings and cocktail rings are crafted from wonderful sterling silver, the brightest of all precious metals. Natural motifs are beautifully brought to life in memorable designs that will always be admired.

Yasmin Everley’s imaginative and striking beetle rings are statement pieces in silver that will always stand out from the crowd. This impressive range of silver rings is also bursting with life courtesy of the understated twig designs. Better still, you can reach for the stars with the wonderful styles in the Astrology Collection. Treat someone special to their own star sign captured in silver and you will perfectly complete any occasion with a truly personal gift.

You will also discover ornate rings from the Dark Baroque Collection together with initial rings reflecting the timeless elegance of the Art Deco style. Gilded details lend a new dimension to many of the designs while gorgeous diamonds and pearls complete signet rings of stunning simplicity.

Sterling silver offers endless possibilities but ones which won’t break the bank. Silver is said to stimulate calmness and tranquillity. But you might find yourself feeling rather excited when you explore the unique and inspired pieces by Joy and Yasmin Everley.

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